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Spuddy and Scoot

Spuddy and Scoot is a musical early-learning show encouraging healthy eating and mindful habits.

Young audiences are invited into the fantastical imagination of host JESS as she cooks and plays in her sunny Brisbane kitchen with her cheeky puppet friends, SPUDDY the Sweet Potato and SCOOT the Strawberry.

Everything is sweet and SPUDACULAR with Spuddy the Sweet Potato! Spuddy is a keen, curious and energetic spud who always looks towards the sunny side of the garden. He would uproot himself in a heartbeat to support a friend and is always ready to mash in a punny joke to make you smile.

Scoot the Strawberry is jam packed with sass and spice. She may be small, but she’s not shy! You’ll find Scoot in the kitchen with her Bestie Spuddy as they cook up a storm with Jess!

Watch their new music video Munch and Crunch

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