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Tess Dowling 
Bringing Imagination toLife

About Tess Dowling:

Tess Dowling is a passionate illustrator and children’s author known for her enchanting picture books that captivate young hearts and minds. Born with a love for storytelling and art, Tess discovered her calling early on and has since dedicated herself to creating magical worlds that come alive through her illustrations. Tess’s artistic journey began amidst the pages of her favourite childhood books, where she found inspiration in the vivid illustrations that transported her to far-off lands. Fuelled by her imagination she is completely self taught.

With a mind full of ideas and endless inspiration, Tess continues to work on new projects that promise to delight readers of all ages. Her upcoming releases are eagerly anticipated, as she continues to enchant audiences with her signature blend of storytelling and artistry.  All of Tess's book are available to purchase via her E-Shop below. 

Tess is also an accomplished Actor, Puppeteer, Dancer and Performance Artist. Working in community theatre productions, touring across the country with Blueys Big Play - The Stage Show and performing regularly at the magical True Fairy's located in Melbourne Victoria. Tess has a vast repertoire of character performance skills lending her craft across a multitude of platforms. 

Tess's love for Mermaids and all things fantasy have never been far from her most proudest achievements. Mermaid Mira is a truely unique one of a kind experience and has been dazzling us with her mermaid skills all over the country. A must for any event large or small and if there is a pool nearby you'll want bet that Mermaid Mira will be swimming along with all your guests making magical memories. 

Follow Tess Dowling on social media to stay updated on her latest works and upcoming events. Join her on a journey into the world of imagination, where stories come alive and dreams take flight.

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