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Dr. Bubble and Milkshake

Come along on a soap-tastic adventure through bubbles in space!

See a bubble like a rocket that launches 10 metres into the air, clear bubbles filled with smoke, bubbles that join into each other and separate, shadow bubbles, fire bubbles, a bubble tornado, bubbles that spin like a carousel, giant bubble tubes that arch through the sky and bubbles so big that several people could fit inside! You will see this and so much more in a show that finishes in a million-billion bubbles that shower over the audience in a giant bubble party.


This show combines an outer space adventure with the best bubble tricks, fantastic costumes, amazing puppetry and laugh out loud slapstick. Milkshake the Bubble Clown wants a Star from the sky so she can make bubbles with it. She asks her friend the bubble expert, Dr Bubble for help and they create a bubble rocket to travel into Outer Space and they go on a series of bubble adventures across planets and solar systems finding machines that make bubbles into space helmets and people into puppets and building friendships with little bubble Aliens who might just be members of the audience!

Dr. Bubble and Milkshake have been creating bubble shows since 2011, presenting in over 20 countries across 3 continents and have performed on television programs such as China’s Got Talent, Romania’s Got Talent and Bulgaria’s Got Talent. They have received 3 Weekly Awards for Best Children Theatre Shows in 2016, 2021 and 2024 at Fringe World Festival in Perth. 

Bubble Show for Adults Only

Bubble Laboratory is a five star reviewed, award nominated theatre company that creates bubble performances for theatre stage, film and TV, having as main focus innovation and theatrical development of the art of bubbles.

Every year Bubbleshow For Adults Only travels all over the world sharing love, fun and joy with bubble artistry.

As seen in Soho, The Box in West End, performed in cities around the world, Bubbleshow For Adults Only is The Show your Mother warned you about. If you have seen it all we have got you covered as we blow minds and bubbles across the globe. This new genre of bubble making and post modern theatre that is taking the stage by storm presenting real life relationship dilemmas on the stage turned inside out and covered with soap.

Mix one part physical theatre, one part bubble artistry and one part neo-burlesque, and you get a soapy concoction of kinky, in-your-face theatrics. A raucous and raunchy affair with a surprising story arc full of abstractness and the slightly grotesque, a surreal performative experience that wonderfully showcases the technical prowess of bubble art on a first-class level.

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